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Segla Pty Ltd is able to support many of your business needs through leveraging the products and services of a targeted group of Alliance Partners. These alliances have allowed us to work in partnership to create total service offerings, yet without the dilution so common when an organisation tries to be “all things to all people”.

We are experts in our own fields and sectors and thus when we bring together our combined areas of expertise we can confidently assure you that we are able to deliver the highest standards of service and support. We believe that this proven approach allows us to exceed our client’s expectations.


    • Lean Six Sigma International Partners – Our two international partnerships allow us at Segla to remain abreast of the latest trends and initiatives within our field of expertise, i.e. Lean & Six Sigma Methodologies. These partnerships are US based organisations with access to highly skilled staff and with a sound track record of assisting businesses to grow and prosper using the methodologies noted above.

      These companies have worked in alliance with us for some time and we have found their services to be highly beneficial when our client feels that an “international flavour” will improve the impact of the training message. To date they are proving to be responsive and innovative in their product and service offerings.


  • Systems Development – Our systems alliance is with an organisation with extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of data acquisition systems. Specifically they provide a level of paradigm thinking in the development of your system needs which remain the envy of many of their competitors.

    The company has worked with us in developing web based and business software and hardware solutions tailored to minimise variation and non value adding across the full spectrum of an organisations supply chain. They have proven to be an agile, responsive and innovative company totally dedicated to meeting our client’s needs.

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