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Lean Six Sigma

What it is…

Lean Six Sigma is a continuous improvement methodology that focuses upon the elimination of waste and the reduction of variation found within processes, whether manufacturing or transactional in nature.


  • Pioneered by Toyota, Lean is a methodology which aims to reduce non-valued added activities that will lead to the goal of reduced cycle times.

Six Sigma:

  • Developed by Motorola and made famous by GE, Six Sigma is a methodology to identify and reduce variability and thus improve overall quality.

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma – PDF file

The combination of these two powerful process improvement methodologies allows an organisation to build upon its existing capabilities, to become Safer, Faster and Better able to operate at Reduced costs, yet in a way which is sustainable.

The Benefits!

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodologies will enable your company to:

  • Expand the knowledge of products and processes through the characterisation and optimisation of these processes.
  • Decrease defects and cycle times through improved processes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction due to improved quality & service.
  • Aid business growth and improve profitability.
  • Improve communication and teamwork through sharing of ideas, problems, successes, and failures.
  • Develop a common set of tools and techniques with a methodology that can be applied by anyone in the organisation.
  • Becomes the language of the business, “The way we work”

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