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DMAIC – Structured Process Improvement Tool

DMAIC is a structured process improvement tool which is used as a means of approaching an issue in a structured way thus enabling solutions to be more robust and sustainable.

The use of the DMAIC methodology allows for creative thinking but within given boundaries and this is an important distinction because this approach ensures that changes you make actually add value and meet the continuing needs of your customers, whether they are internal or external to the organisation.


The key steps when using the DMAIC process improvement methodologies are:

1. Define:

To look at processes from a business perspective, what is important?

2. Measure:

To determine the current state of a process, what is happening now?

3. Analyse:

To determine why there is a gap between current performance and the goals.

4. Improve:

To test proposed solutions and select those which best suit business needs.

5. Control:

To continuously monitor the process to ensure sustainability is achieved.

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