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Kaizen Blitz

Kaizen Blitz is an accelerated team event aimed at implementing rapid improvements to a process using Lean methods. Kaizen means ‘continuous improvement’ and the term Blitz means ‘lightening fast.’

A Kaizen event can be conducted over a number of days depending on the size of the improvement focus and when combined with other tools such as DMAIC, 5S, Theory of Constraints, and Workplace Standardisation significantly assists an organisation with the identification and elimination of its many forms of waste.

The 8 forms of waste are:

  • Motion;
  • Over processing;
  • Transportation;
  • Overproduction;
  • Waiting;
  • Rejects/rework;
  • Inventory;
  • Under-utilised people & resources.

A Kaizen event activity, when conducted correctly, can provide an organisation with immediate and tangible results which ultimately flow through to the customer. Not only are there benefits to be gained from conducting the actual activity within the organisation but in the process of doing so it is often found that further improvement opportunities are identified.

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