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Six Sigma Training

  • A two-week course designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma Statistical Process tools available and linkage to the benefits that can be gained by their use.
  • Six Sigma is a powerful continuous improvement methodology which focuses upon the learner gaining the skills and confidence necessary to identify and reduce variation within processes, whether they be manufacturing or transactional in nature.
  • Through the use of interactive exercises and SPC Software this training includes modules such as; Basic Statistics and Graphing, (i.e. types of distributions and descriptive statistical tools) Measurement Systems Analysis, probability theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, control charting and regression analysis.
  • This training uses the DMAIC framework to integrate the tools into a logical format and give participants a structured approach to project work.
  • Upon successful completion our instructors will guide the learners through a Six Sigma Measurement Project^ at no extra cost to ensure that learners are able to convert their learned skills into real outcomes and benefits for the organisation for which they work.

Who should attend?

  • Departmental Managers, Training Managers, Middle Managers, Quality Managers, Project Managers, Line Supervisors, Process Improvement Engineers, Engineers, IT Managers and Continuous Improvement Managers.
  • Staff level personnel who are tasked with contributing with change programs aimed at delivering improved yield, quality, service delivery and costs.


Location Duration
External Facilities 10 Days [8.30am – 5.00pm]
Company Facilities 10 Days [9.00am – 5.00pm]

^ Project requires sign-off from learner’s employer and is limited to one week of free Black Knight Mentoring™. Further project management support and learner mentoring programs are available upon request and we are happy to discuss your specific needs.

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